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It’s been 3000 kilometers and 162 days. I’ve made memories to last a lifetime. I’ve taken enough pictures to fill an archive (almost 8,000 pictures to date). I’ve learned about other cultures. I’ve met scores of people along the way.

Now it’s time to sit back and reflect on my journey. Think about where I was in the beginning and where I am now. It’s time to decide what is next for the life I’ve chosen.

I’ll be back in the US in a about a week and will get to work on the book that has been brewing during this adventure. I’ve learned enough photography that I think a photo book will emerge as well.

What is next for me to conquer? Well, I don’t feel like I’ve conquered New Zealand, more it’s shown me the way to coexist. Te Araroa has shown me that obstacles will rise, challenges will happen, and rewards will be given.

I think my next quest will take me to the Camino de Santiago. That journey has cropped up countless times in so many unusual ways while I’ve been here, that maybe I think I’m supposed to go there next. Time and finances will tell if that is next for me. But faithful followers, stay tuned. There’s more from my Te Araroa adventure still to come!

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