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Quality over quantity. I leave today for the Camino de Santiago. My flights take me to New York, Istanbul, and finally Paris. From there, it’s a train to Saint Jean Pied de Port where my walk will begin.

I’ve had some time working with my camera and hope this journey brings me lots of picturesque moments to share with you all!

One lesson I learned in New Zealand was that the internet isn’t always widely available when traveling internationally, so for the next eight weeks or so, my posts may be a little less frequent than what I may want. But this journey is for me. A time to focus on more than a trail. It’s a time to walk in the footprints of pilgrims for the last thousand or more years. It’s a time to reflect on my life and see where my journey is taking me.

My focus will be on quality rather than quantity. I want to share with you all nothing but the best of this adventure. I hope you all enjoy what is to come!

2 comments on “Buen Camino!

  1. ourcrossings says:

    Sounds amazing, have a great time


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