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I find myself passing through New Zealand on yet another side trip to my adventure. Te Araroa passes through so many amazing sights this country has to offer, yet, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to see the world. The logistics of the trail passing through ALL New Zealand has to offer are impossible, therefore, I’m grasping every chance I get to experience this land.

It seems that with Dunedin I have chosen well. A university town on the southeast coast offers a wide variety of landscapes, architecture, and cultural experiences. This is quite probably the most culture rich city I’ve experienced along my journey!

Designated as a UNESCO City of Literature, a program in which UNESCO recognizes who promote creativity as a factor in urban development. The bronze statue of Robert Burns, a famous Scottish poet, is situated in the center of the Octagon, Dunedin’s city center. If there were no other artistic examples on display, putting a poet at the heart of the city tells me that the arts are of significant importance here.

But the statue is not the only evidence of Dunedin’s commitment to creativity. You cannot walk anywhere downtown without passing an art gallery or mural. They have printed guides to help tourists see the plethora of works exhibited to the world. I’ve opted to let myself be surprised. Not following any guide, I’ve stumbled upon mural after mural, marveling at the talent showcased on the streets of this magnificent city.

But Dunedin offers more than just art. There is also the peninsula, an area adjacent to town, sticking out into the Pacific Ocean, that is home to a wide variety of animals and offers sweeping vistas for visitors to see. I’m hoping to get lots of good pictures when I visit there before I leave this amazing city.

On the photography front, I’ve definitely gotten better at taking pictures here. Spending time composing shots, waiting for the light to be just right, all the things my beginning photography books tell me to do are definitely starting to show in my work. I hope you all are enjoying the better quality of the pictures as well! To see more pictures, please consider signing up and supporting my Patreon page.

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