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As I get ready for my US bicycle tour, I took time out to help with the cleanup of Hurricane Dorian in Charleston. It was an exciting month watching the debris from the hurricane collected and disposed of by thermal reduction. Thermal reduction is just a fancy name for burning. This detour gave me the chance to see people I haven’t worked with since my time in Puerto Rico. I think my favorite reunion was with Jordan.

Jordan is a great guy to work with. I gave him a compliment and he didn’t know quite how to take it. I suppose my sarcastic nature makes that understandable. It was fun to see the development in technology he brought out to my site too. The company has a drone that flies over a given area and can build 3D models of the debris piles and measure the cubic yardage accurately. I didn’t get to spend much time with our high tech toys, but it was fun to see them at work!

So now my attention is turned back to my upcoming US tour. Traveling by bicycle in winter will definitely be a challenge, but I am excited to see so many the things this country has to offer. Maybe some snow is just what I need. I’ve realized I haven’t experienced winter in years. I spent one winter in Puerto Rico and last winter for the US I was in New Zealand. Hopefully my blood hasn’t thinned too much but I guess that’s what long underwear is for!

I’ve added a trailer to my setup too. I’m learning to ride with an anchor behind me. I believe most of that learning will happen on my journey. A little “on the ride training” will keep me on my toes for the next few hundred miles!

I am still hard at work on my New Zealand book and hopefully it will be ready soon. I think, however, that my Beginning Backpacking book will be finished and released first! Whatever comes out, I hope you all will support my journeys and pick up a copy or two! Thank you!

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One comment on “Detours

  1. Denika says:

    The bike looks good John!


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