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I’ve often described Queenstown to people as the closest thing to Disneyland that New Zealand has to offer. I’ve got a few days off here to experience this town and it has really grown since my last visit!

If you’re into extreme sports, then Queenstown is the place for you! Bungee jumping wasn’t invented in New Zealand, but they have certainly made it famous. The picturesque landscape, plentiful river gorges, and an abundance of bridges has given rise to a plethora of businesses geared towards getting tourists to take the leap.

If that’s not your idea of fun, there is definitely something here to pique your interest. Paragliding, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, luge (I tried the luge – worth a go if you’re ever here), or just relaxing by the lake or in one of the many town parks, there is always something to do in Queenstown.

This isn’t the town to visit if you’re looking for a quiet lake getaway. Once the sun goes down, the bars are open and the Queenstown night life is in full swing! (I did find a bar that’s perfect for me. As I’m not a drinker, they serve milk and cookies there!) I’ve got a few days to wait here before my next adventure along the Milford Track and I’m glad I chose a hostel a bit out of town. While my roommates still stumble in at the wee hours of the morning, I am far enough from the nightlife to not hear the percussive beats of the music while I’m trying to sleep.

I’ve done some shopping here to replace gear that has worn out along the way. First, new shoes. My boots just didn’t have enough tread left on them to be useful any longer. I suspect they were the real culprit behind my fall north of Wanaka. And I’ve invested in a nice tripod. The tiny one I started with was great for backpacking, but the all plastic construction proved too flimsy for prolonged use. Hopefully the weight of the new tripod won’t slow me down too much.

Next up on my journey is the Milford Track. This is my third trip to New Zealand and I was determined that I was finally going to walk this track! I’ve been unable to get hut passes on any visit here, so I’ve opted for a guided hike of this magnificent trail. It will be a welcome treat to have someone else cook my meals for me every day and a hot shower every night will be like heaven. It’s a hiking vacation during my hiking vacation!

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2 comments on “Queenstown

  1. Thank God for cookies, huh? lol Pretty area for sure!


    1. hikerjohnd says:

      I’m gonna need a 12-step program to get the chocolate chip monkey off my back!


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