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I’m definitely enjoying my down time here in Wanaka. This lakeside resort town is one of New Zealand’s playgrounds on the South Island. I’ve been spending my days resting and taking long walks around town and along the lake.

It is the middle of summer here and watching the Kiwi’s and foreign tourists coming and going provides me with endless entertainment. Watching tourists trying to read maps, pointing out directions of travel, and then walking in circles is always good for a laugh.

There are parents and children playing in and around the lake from sunrise to sunset. Boats swarm the lake from kayaks to power boats. As fishermen pack up their gear for the day, I can hear them telling stories about the one that got away. It’s nice to know that some things are universal.

This town is ideally situated at the entrance to Mount Aspiring National Park. The visitor center here has webcams so tourists can see conditions in the park at the various huts. Yesterday was such a wet and blustery day that all the cameras depicted locations no tramper would want to be. Definitely a good day to be resting in the warm comfort of my hostel bunk.

If I had to pick a point to spend some time, Wanaka would certainly be a good choice. But tomorrow will see me back on the trail again. I’ve got 426km left to go and still a lot more of New Zealand to see!

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6 comments on “Recovery

  1. Excellent photos! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I always love seeing a parent backpacking with their child. Exposing them to nature is such a beautiful thing. : )


    1. hikerjohnd says:

      There is a family hiking Te Araroa this year. Dad, mom, & 2 kids. I haven’t crossed paths with them yet, but from what I’ve heard, the kids are going to be the youngest Te Araroa thru-hikers ever!


  3. Robert Fryer says:

    Wow sounds beautiful. Rob and I are hoping to get our long waited for holiday in the S I this year. Go for it and keep keeping us informed. Safe travels. From Rob and Miriam


    1. hikerjohnd says:

      This is truly a beautiful place! Sometimes just sitting and watching the lake is enough to recharge ones soul!


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