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Making changes in your life may be easy to justify for yourself, but how do you explain it to friends and family? I’ve made the decision to live the life I’ve always wanted. Explaining this decision to the people I love has presented its own set of challenges. No matter how I try to explain my decision, there are always people who just don’t understand.

Say you’ve always wanted to go to Paris and see the Louvre. You tell your friends and family that this is your dream. You explain that seeing the art of the masters is on your bucket list and generally your friends and family understand and support your decision.

Or, if you’ve always wanted to run a 5k. Your friends might question your decision to punish your body but generally life decisions like these are seen as normal.

We, as a society, generally accept the hopes and dreams of others so long as they conform to what we perceive as normal.

But when our life decisions do not conform to the norm, we struggle to help others understand. Sometimes our decisions are not clear to ourselves. How can we expect others to understand? I’ve found the best way to make this change is to just say goodbye.

I figure, those friends who truly love and care for me will be supportive. And so far, while I’ve met my share of nay sayers, my circle of friends has been generally understanding.

But there’s some people in my life who probably cannot understand. They haven’t reached a time in their lives that they have faced choices that will truly impact their lives. With them, I hope they will accept that I cannot be by their side day to day, but they are always in my heart and I love and support them any way I can.

My life is changing. I’m still the same person at heart. I just need that heart to exist everywhere in the world.

3 comments on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Christy floyd says:

    I have enjoulyes reading your post . Can not wait to read more and see the beauty though your pictures.


  2. Temptress says:

    I hope you inspire many more to just do what their heart feels is the right thing to do! I know you have for me.


    1. hikerjohnd says:

      Excellent! We go around once in life! Follow your dreams!


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