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When I worked in the IT world, about 90% of the trouble calls I fielded were simply solved by restarting the computer. Sometimes a reboot can be applied to many things we do in life as well. The past two years have been filled with Covid and wildfires and more upheaval than many of us want to remember.

I have spent too many hours thinking and dreaming about my next adventure. Planning and preparing have been a constant part of my life amid my work clearing Mississippi River silt from roads and clearing trees from power lines in the Dixie Fire.

The time is finally here. I am as ready as I ever will be to reboot and finally begin the bicycle journey around the United States. While my trip has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start, too much gear and food, a bit of hail, I am underway at last! I hope you all will enjoy my journey as I explore the natural beauty along the backroads of the US!

One comment on “Reboot

  1. Aunt Carol says:

    Happy trails to you. The load gets lighter as you eat your way across the country and back. Enjoy.


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