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After a short stay in Gatlinburg, I am back on the trail! Definitely moving slow and taking time to enjoy the scenery. The foot feels good, but I’m not taking any chances!

I’ve landed in Hot Springs, NC and there are probably a hundred other hikers amassed here looking for a ride to Trail Days.

For those who don’t know what Trail Days is, it is a festival in Damascus, VA celebrating the Appalachian Trail and all the other outdoor adventure trails that go through and near Damascus. I’ve attended before and it really is an amazing weekend filled with activities and vendors and equipment representatives all focused on helping us poor dirty hikers enjoy our experience on the trail.

I will not be attending this year, much to my chagrin. I would love to go and get my Leki poles serviced, but the logistics of getting a lift there and then back here after just doesn’t appeal to me to get one thing done. I’m hoping there is a point along the trail to get these things taken care of.

I am going to just continue on and enjoy this adventure!

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